I’m Alyssa. I’m 23(ish) - but I sometimes I feel 20 and other times I feel 29-on-the-verge of 30. I like things, like skincare + clothing + home stuffs + others. Don’t worry, I’m not all materialistic. I’m also keen to having conversations surrounding politics (we have to be better than this) + global warming (yes, it’s a thing and if you think otherwise, that’s your ignorance) + women’s rights (yes, still working on that equality) + other(s) rights (no one needs a f*cking wall, come on) + so on and so forth (please adopt don’t shop). I’m working to make myself a better, more educated human being in all aspects of life. 

I hit my not-quite-but-almost mid-20’s crisis and could feel the creative juices suddenly flowing with inspiration to share my very important and enlightening millennial thoughts. A blog was then formed from this essential dread - very inspiring, I know. I mostly promise not to weigh this blog down with the heavy things - prepare to see this space filled with a good amount of material-related posts, as it’s the little things that keep us going. Consider it a lifestyle blog, per se.